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NEC Trainer / Consultant,
Mike Holt Enterprises

Mike earned a masters degree in the Business Administration Program (MBA) from the University of Miami. He earned his reputation as a National Electrical Code (NEC) expert by working his way up through the electrical trade. Formally a construction editor for two different trade publications, Mike started his career as an apprentice electrician and eventually became a master electrician, an electrical inspector, a contractor, and an educator. Since 1975, he has provided custom in-house seminars for groups such as IAEI, NECA, ICBO, IBM, AT&T, Motorola, and the U.S. Navy. Mike has taught more than 1,000 classes on 30 different electrical-related subjects — ranging from alarm installations to exam preparation and voltage drop calculations. He continues to develop seminars, videos, books, and software as well as contributing monthly Code content to EC&M magazine.

Grounding & Bonding Requirements
You basically perform work on two types of systems: solidly grounded or ungrounded. The general requirements for grounding and bonding these systems can be summarized as follows
Code Q&A
Q. I recently saw an advertisement for red conduit that is to be used for emergency circuits. Is this a Code requirement?
Article 725: Around the Circuit Part 1
Any time you are working with burglar alarm, access control, sound, nurse call, or intercom systems, as well as computer networks, lighting dimmer controls,
Code Quandaries
Q. What size conductor is required for a 25-hp, 208V, 3-phase fire pump motor?
Code Q&A
Q. Can “line” and “load” conductors be installed in the same raceway?
Grounding & Bonding Definitions
Why is grounding so difficult to understand? One reason is because many do not understand the definition of many important terms
Code Q&A
Q. What type of fitting can I use to terminate ground wires in a metal box?
Legally Required and Optional Standby Systems 1
Emergency power systems (Art. 700) are at the top of the hierarchy of backup power systems. Legally required standby systems, which fall under Art. 701,
Stumped by the Code?
Q. Can 277V circuit conductors be placed within the same raceway with 120V circuit conductors?
Code Q&A
Q. Is liquidtight flexible metal conduit (LFMC) permitted under the raised floor of a computer room? If yes, must it be secured?
Code Q&A
Q. Can Table 310.15(B)(6) be used to size service conductors for a duplex?
Stumped by the Code? 3
Q. Is GFCI protection required for a single-phase, 208V, 30A coffee maker receptacle in a commercial kitchen?
Code Q&A
Q. When determining the placement for receptacles in a dwelling, is the wall space behind a door required to be considered?
Code Q&A
Q. Am I required to install the secondary circuit conductors of a low-voltage lighting system (less than 30V) in a raceway or cable like power conductors?
Article 700: Emergency Systems 1
Essentially, emergency systems are lifelines for people, and Art. 700 is all about keeping those lifelines from breaking. The Article's main goal is to

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