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The Energized Look
You may work on a jobsite, but that doesn't mean your closet needs to be full of flannel and denim. Construction clothing manufacturers are combining style and durability in the latest garments for today's electrical workers.
Eco-Industrial Complex
Environmentalists and the construction community typically spend their time fighting each other's every move, but the advent of green building has given them a cause to rally behind
Lost in the Translation
Language has become the biggest obstacle to safety on some jobsites, as Spanish-speaking workers are finding more work in the electrical industry
A Little Time And a Lot of Pressure
Oddly enough, the very same thing that can stop the heart is capable of coaxing it into beating again. Only 50mA of current needs to run through a person's body to shut down its most vital organ, yet a similar shock applied to the chest by means of a machine no larger than a laptop computer can flip a virtual switch to turn it back on.
Electrical Construction Market Faces Continued Slump in 2003
Short-term projections for the electrical market look bleak, but attendees to this year's show can prepare for the turnaround
Field of Beams
It may not always make the neighbors happy, but sports lighting has become big business for lighting designers and electrical contractors
Education @nywhere
E-learning may be the alternative for the electrician who wants to increase his value in the struggling economy.
Smash and Grab
After government contractors get finished with it, the unprecedented amount of access control and security work predicted for 2003 could go faster than big-screen televisions in a downtown riot, so get in while you can. Looting etiquette applies.
You've Got the Whole Jobsite in your Hand
OK, maybe not the whole jobsite, but tedious tasks that used to require time-consuming note-taking and paperwork have been digitized and uploaded to personal digital assistants — the next-generation notepad.
Protect Your System with PQ Monitoring
The only thing worse than having a system failure is not knowing what caused it. With PQ monitoring, though, you can eliminate some of your troubleshooting headaches.
NECA Show 2002 Show Preview
Windy City to Play Host to Nation's Contractors
Leaving a Mark
Revisions to the UL standard governing ground-fault circuit interrupters have raised the bar for safety but brought into question who has the power to bring about change.
California to Counter Department of Labor's Derecognition Plans
California calls for a hearing to challenge the DOL's actions.
No More Pencils, No More Books
Web-based graduate degrees are replacing the traditional tools of knowledge with an Internet connection and a mouse, making it possible for engineers to avoid the classroom altogether.
Launching a Rebuild at Kennedy Space Center
Nearly 35 years after its first report on the NASA facility, EC&M returns for a look at an extensive electrical redesign.
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