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Correlating PQ Disturbances with Lightning Strikes 4
Categorizing the cause of faults is critical when using the information to prioritize maintenance and repairs to the power system.
Inside PQ: Evaluating Motor and Transformer Inrush Currents
Inrush currents associated with motor starting and transformer energizing can cause interaction problems with other loads in a facility or on the power
Utility Evaluates Feeder Performance with PQ Monitors
All utilities maintain statistics on the reliability of the electricity supply to consumers. In recent years, utilities have begun to track other power
Working Group Struggles with DG Interconnection Standard
For several years now, members of IEEE's P1547 working group have been developing a draft document to provide engineers with uniform guidelines pertaining
Protecting Critical Loads with Commodity UPSs
Power quality engineers can find an abundance of information about sizing and applying large UPS systems. When it comes to small, commodity UPS systems,
Standard 1459-2000: A New Way to Measure Power 1
Over the years, engineers have developed many definitions for measuring power with distorted voltages and currents. However, none of these definitions
Using Transient Simulation Tools in PQ Investigations
Power quality issues involve all aspects of power system operation, from steady-state voltage regulation to the control of high-frequency transients caused
Power Quality Monitoring: A Changing Market
As with many other aspects of the power industry, deregulation and restructuring are changing how utilities and customers approach power quality monitoring.
MOV or SASD Which Surge Suppressor is Right for You?
Damage from transient overvoltages is one of the leading causes of equipment failure. Although some pieces of equipment may come equipped with transient
Evaluating Harmonic Concerns With Distributed Loads
When engineers need to evaluate harmonic concerns on power systems, they generally refer to Standard 519-1992 from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Conference Focuses on Global Power Quality Issues
Considerable work is under way to establish indices that characterize voltage sag performance and benchmark system performance. Every two years, industry
Automatic Analysis of Sags for Substation Monitoring
Besides locating faults, the most useful applications of the substation monitoring system involve real paybacks in the area of predictive maintenance
Using Handheld Meters to Track Power Quality Problems
Despite the industry's trend toward continuous power quality monitoring, not every facility or circuit has permanent equipment. Fortunately, there are
Interconnection Standards for Distributed Generation
Distributed generation (DG) is making a comeback. In the late 1970s, federal legislation sparked a flurry of interest in the topic. Today it is once again
Power Quality Standards: An Industry Update
Most of the ongoing work by the IEEE in harmonic standards development has shifted to modifying Standard 519-1992. Power quality is a worldwide issue,
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