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Save Energy Through Smart Feeder Design
Making different choices throughout a project can result in long-term energy savings.
Tip of the Week: Don’t Let the Size of the NEC Scare You Off
Understanding how the guide is organized and arranged will make it easier to find the information you're looking for.
Tip of the Week: NFPA 70E Requirements Do Apply to You
Both OSHA and the courts put a heavy weight on following industry standards
Article 700: Emergency Systems 
Article 700 is the first in a series of NEC Articles about on-site power systems, including 700, 701, 702, 705, and 708.
Curing the Cash Crunch
Don't skimp on essentials or resort to underbidding to solve cash flow problems.
Tip of the Week: Proper Motor Maintenance
Your focus should be on the most critical motors, not necessarily the ones most prone to failures.
Watt’s Going on in That Circuit? 4
Using the simple E x I watt calculation will help you make informed decisions about lamping replacements and other upgrades.
Is High-Quality Workmanship Worth It?
Underbidding on a job and cutting corners to save money will undermine your company's reputation for quality.
Tip of the Week: Measuring Resistance with Your DMM 1
The resistance measurement function of a digital multimeter can be used for electronics, instrumentation, controls, and many electrical applications.
Easy Ways to Find Energy Leaks 1
Many issues can be easily detected through visual inspections and testing.
Tip of the Week: Practicality Forms the Basis of NFPA 70E 2
Long-held safety practices are now part of this standard.
Tip of the Week: Environmental Problems and Your Motors
Maintaining the environment of the motor is as important as maintaining the motor itself.
Use Free Testing to Get New Business 2
Offering to do initial tests for no charge gets your foot in the door and can lead to more business.
Keeping it Safe at Carnivals, Circuses, and Fairs 
Most of us have good memories of going to carnivals, circuses, or county fairs as kids. We fondly recall the rides, the clowns, and the ring toss. Those of us who are really lucky can laugh about throwing the baseball that made our math teacher fall into the dunk tank.
Test Equipment: Buy or Rent?
Look beyond acquisition costs and determine the value the equipment can provide.
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