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Electrostatic Discharge: Causes, Effects, and Solutions 3
Many items in today's workplace can store thousands of volts in electrostatic charges. Yet, it only takes 25 electrostatic volts to irreparably damage an integrated circuit.
Fundamentals of Harmonics — Part 3
With four popular methods of addressing harmonics, remember to match the method with your problem. Each problem and possible solutions are unique.
Fundamentals Of Harmonics Testing And Mitigation 1
Correctly measuring and interpreting voltage and current waveforms are critical when you're trying to determine what's behind any power quality problem.
Fundamentals of Harmonics 3
With the exception of the incandescent light bulb, every load today creates harmonics. Unfortunately, these loads vary with respect to their amount of harmonic content and response to problems caused by harmonics.
Demystifying The TVSS 1
So many things can cause spikes and surges, but a solid understanding and proper selection of TVSSs can help prevent damage to your equipment.
Demystifying Isolated Grounded Systems — Part 2
Consider all site parameters before recommending an IG system. But first, measure existing equipment grounding system's impedance with a ground impedance tester prior to making any changes to the grounding system.
Demystifying Isolated Grounding Systems — Part 1
Your objective is to extend the zero volt reference to the neutral-ground input at the equipment location.
Power Quality Training: Its Past, Present, And Future
With today's technology, power quality students have many choices. And as more electrical contractors strive to keep up with that technology, many new training methods become viable alternatives to costly classroom instruction.
Ten Easy Steps for Testing Branch Circuits 1
A difficult area to evaluate is at the branch circuit/equipment location, because so many things contribute to electronic equipment malfunction.
Three-Lamp Circuit Tester: Valid Tester or Night-Light?
Popular with electricians and electrical inspectors, this device is inexpensive. You can easily use it to test a receptacle for correct polarity. But is it giving you a false sense of security?
The Updated IEEE Emerald Book: An Advanced Peek
Here are five key revisions to this IEEE standard, some of which are in response to manufacturer and end user concerns. The upcoming version demonstrates that its working group is able to stay current in the ever-changing power quality field.
Make PQ Monitoring Meaningful 1
Finding voltage quality problems is a lot like detective work. You rely on the power line monitor to gather evidence of any unseen disturbances. But, how can you ensure a safe monitor hookup and meaningful captured data?
Telecom Infrastructure Bonding and Grounding
Proper bonding and grounding of communication systems provide reliable operation for voice/data equipment, while enhancing safety for the operator in the event of lightning and AC ground fault conditions. Using ANSI/EIA/TIA-607 grounding topologies, you can achieve these objectives.
Troubleshooting Industrial Power Quality Problems
The right approach and practical test methods will ensure success time and again.
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