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Six-Pulse Conversion and Harmonics
Most modern industrial facilities have widespread applications of nonlinear loads, many of which represent a significant portion of the total facility
Flicker: Causes, Symptoms, and Cures
Voltage fluctuations in power systems can cause a number of harmful technical effects, resulting in disruption to production processes and substantial
Analyzing Communication Cable Noise
Sometimes the best way to describe how to analyze a communication cable common-mode (CM) noise problem is to describe an actual procedure. The following
Coordination Guidelines for Susceptible Electronic Loads — Part 2
As noted in Part 1 of this article, starting on page 22 of the September 2006 issue, there are many factors to consider before deciding how to provide
Coordination Guidelines for Susceptible Electronic Loads — Part 1
When it comes to providing suitable power, grounding, communications, and environmental control for a facility that has significant amounts of susceptible
The How's and Why's of Harmonic Distortion 3
Harmonics problems counter many of the conventional rules of power system design and operation.
Applying Pole-Mounted Overvoltage Protection
A modern distribution system that feeds a facility having a significant environment of susceptible electronic equipment requires protection against lightning-induced
Looking For Sources of Transient Overvoltages
Protecting susceptible electronic equipment from AC power line disturbances is a major concern for most people, whether their business environment is
Simulating and Analyzing Transients in Power Systems
Electric utility engineers designing new transmission and distribution (T&D) systems and evaluating existing systems have relied on sophisticated software
Understanding Transients: A Primer
We've all heard the term used in discussions of possible power quality problems, yet we still seem to have a lack of understanding of what a transient
Four Key Steps in Applying Power Conditioning Equipment
Although you can select from a wide variety of power conditioning products, no single product can solve all your power quality problems. To get the best
Specifying the Right Fuse for Circuit Protection
Choosing a fuse isn’t what it used to be. Know the basics before you specify them.
The Success of Energy Storage is All in the Timing 4
Most power quality disturbances that affect digitally dependant industries are short in duration, so the best option for providing seamless power may be energy storage technologies
Plenum Datacom Wiring: What You Need to Know
NEC cabling installation requirements are straightforward, but markings and new offerings may create confusion.
Power Quality Magazine Ceases Publication
We are announcing that Power Quality magazine will cease publication, with the October 2002 issue (Buyers’ Guide). However, you will still be able to get accurate and detailed power quality information by reading EC&M magazine.
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