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Determining DC motor rotation direction
While DC motors are applied mostly in special applications, knowing how to properly connect them is important to their required performance.You're about
Determining Motor Rotation Direction
While being a fundamental motor installation task, determining rotation direction is critical to the coupled load's operation.
What do electrical professionals really want?
A few months ago, we had the opportunity to gather together a group of electrical professionals to speak their minds and vent their frustrations on the
Maintaining low voltage power circuit breakers. 1
Believe it or not, air circuit breaker problems are the cause of almost 20% of electrical power system failures, according to a survey conducted by the
The basics of solid state devices.
A device frequently used in solid-state equipment such as lighting dimmers and variable speed controls is the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR). As shown
Electric 95 show highlights important trends.
New computer-based control systems allow easy monitoring and remote control while new wire management systems make installation a snap.As we all know,
The basics of solid-state devices.
Another workhorse of electronic equipment is the transistor. There are two types of transistors commonly used: PNP and NPN. As shown in Fig. 1, the PNP
The basics of solid state devices
Many industrial control systems use a device that changes one form of energy to another; this device is called a transducer. Typical transducers convert
Electric West 95 show highlights melding of technologies.
Power distribution monitoring systems are enhanced and now include power quality analysis capabilities and unlimited trip curve shaping.What's new in
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Next Generation Lighting- The Emergence of POE for Lighting

Historically, lighting controls have always had a singular responsibility: Manage the light. Until now....More
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