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Starting with the July 1999 issue, you’ll no longer see “Letters to the Editor” and “Readers’ Quiz” in the printed magazine. Instead, you’ll find them
Think, Take Your Time, and Know What You're Doing ... 1
You may wonder why electrical accidents continue to plague the construction and maintenance workplace. After all, taking safety precautions and using
Six Tips to Good Project Management
Even the best project managers run into trouble. Here are six tips to keep you from tripping up on what many consider common sense considerations.
Six project management tips
Even the best project managers can run into trouble. Here are six tips to help keep you from tripping up on what many would consider commonsense considerations.Tip
The basics of transformers. (part 5) 1
Precise lead or terminal designation is very important. There are specific parameters affected by terminal markings and coil relationships, and how we
Ground-fault coordination should include MV cable shielding.
Verification of shield performance under ground-fault conditions will prevent systemwide cable damage.As we all know, the metallic shielding in a medium
1999 Construction Forecast
"If 1998 was Mark McGwire hitting 70 home runs, what we'll see in 1999 is 62 home runs:something that would have been a record breaker, except for the
The basics of transformers. (part 4)
There are many transformer configurations available today, each applicable to a certain situation or design requirement. Let's discuss one of the more
Beware Of Line-Current Unbalance On VFDs 4
Severe line-current unbalance can cause VFD nuisance tripping and 3rd harmonic currents, which are unusual for phase-to-phase nonlinear loads.Are you
Project Management: Fertile Ground For Growing Profits
Juggling multiple electrical contracting projects and their deadlines can be quite a challenge for any project manager. But staying on top of it all is easier than you think. Here are some practical tips to help you achieve success again and again.
PQ Tip: Computer Monitors and Jitters: It's Location, Location
Your monitor's location dictates its susceptibility to magnetic fields. Close proximity to certain electrical equipment could spell problems and wiggles.
PQ Tip: Shorter Leads, Longer Motor Life
You're seeing more premature motor failures. Is there a connection between these failures and the type of drive used? What effect has the length of the motor lead on the problem?
The Basics of Alternating Current 1
The most common frequency of alternating current is 60 cycles per second (usually termed 60 cycles) or more commonly, 60 Hertz (Hz). The latter unit is
Clearing The Mystery Of Protective Relays
MV system coordination doesn't have to be complicated, as long as you know the types of protective relays available, their function, and how they work.Recently,
MV Cable Pulling: Nine Key Ways To Ensure Success
Medium-voltage (MV) cable pulling is not just slopping on lubrication and applying brute force. Damage any of these components during the pull, and the likelihood of a cable failure turns to an unfortunate reality.
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