David Herres

Licensed Master Electrician

David Herres is a licensed master electrician in Stewartstown, N.H. He can be reached at David@electriciansparadise.com.

Top 14 Reasons Electrical Service Installations Get Red Tagged 4

Whether located inside or outdoors, premises wiring systems powered by an electric utility have what is known as an electrical service. It is the portion of the electrical system from the utility-defined point of connection to the input terminals of the main overcurrent device — although strictly speaking (not included in this definition), the entrance panel is generally considered part of the service.

10 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot with an Oscilloscope
These 10 simple exercises — beginning with the simplest and moving to the more difficult — will help sharpen your skills in the field.
The 10 Biggest Grounding Mistakes to Avoid 5
Why some of the simplest grounding errors are still the most common
Comparing the Basic Design of Stepper and Servo Motors  1
Stepper motors resemble servo motors in that both types are characterized by an ability to rotate a partial turn and then stop for any interval with or without holding torque.
DC Motor Theory, Operation, and Maintenance 
DC motors may not be the wave of the future, but they certainly have a secure place in today’s workplace. Therefore, it’s worthwhile for electrical professionals to take a look at their inner workings and, when the time comes, be prepared to service DC motors.
Working with Fiber-Optic Cable
Many electricians have broadened their work model in recent years to include coaxial and Ethernet wiring for communications and data networks. This is usually seen as a good move, given the fact that additional revenue streams become available without excessive overhead or investment during uncertain economic times.
The Basics of Overcurrent Protection
Overcurrent devices provide an essential level of protection in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Flawless functionality, however, is dependent upon correct design and installation.
The Significance of Small Wind-Powered Wind Systems
Stand-alone and utility-interactive, wind turbines rated 100kW or less are an increasingly important part of today’s renewable energy picture
Wiring Methods for Hazardous Locations
NEC guidelines for electrical contractors working in hazardous locations
Refrigeration Systems and the Electrician
One of the great inventions of our time in terms of its social impact and influence on the health care and food preservation industries refrigeration
Primary Care Electrician
Understanding the specific challenges involved in of working on electrical systems in health care facilities
Transfer Switches Simplified 3
As backup power sources become more common in residential construction (Photo 1), many homeowners have learned about the needs and benefits of transfer
Troubleshooting Residential Submersible Pump Systems 22
Why is it that residential deep well submersible pump system malfunctions are notoriously hard to diagnose? For one, a pump/motor assembly suspended 10
The 10 Worst Grounding Mistakes You'll Ever Make 20
Proper grounding and bonding prevent unwanted voltage on non-current-carrying metal objects, such as tool and appliance casings, raceways, and enclosures, as well as facilitate the correct operation of overcurrent devices.
Managing Your Emergency Lights
For large commercial or industrial facilities that may not have windows or those that continue operations during the night shift, a power outage can create
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Jul 21, 2015

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