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The Wired Home: Part 12 of 12
Many guidelines and installation procedures for single-family homes also apply to multiple dwelling units
The Wired Home: Part 11 of 12
The testing, troubleshooting, and certification phase of the project can be the difference between turning a profit and losing money on the job
The Wired Home: Part 10 of 12
You've put in the time and effort to carefully route your cabling behind the wall. Don't screw it up with a shoddy finishing job
The Wired Home: Part 9 of 12
Brush up on some cable pulling techniques before beginning the rough-in stage of a home network project
The Wired Home: Part 8 of 12
Work with homeowners to determine their present and future technology needs and design a system that's right for them
The Wired Home: Part 7 of 12
Design a home automation system that helps your customers get the most from their home technology investment
The Wired Home: Part 6 of 12
If you think of the home as a body and things like telephone systems, computer networks, security systems, doorbells, entertainment systems, and other services within the home as the organs that carry out day-to-day functions, low-voltage cabling is the circulatory network of capillaries, veins, and arteries that transport the voice, data, audio, and video signals necessary to keep that home network functioning.
The Wired Home: Part 5 of 12
Industry insiders once hailed home automation as the proverbial next big thing. Who wouldn't be excited by such far-out possibilities as a refrigerator
The Wired Home: Part 4 of 12
Security and monitoring systems provide homeowners with peace of mind and can be installed at the time of construction or after the home is occupied
The Wired Home: Part 3 of 12
Home audio and video isn't as simple as flipping on the TV and cranking up the Hi-Fi anymore. Interconnection is adding a new dimension to entertaining technology.
The Wired Home: Part 2 of 12
It's no longer good enough to just focus on amps and volts. If you want to succeed in today's world, you better be able to speak in bits and bytes, too.
The Wired Home: Part 1 of 12
Electrical contractors can take advantage of the home networking market by becoming trained as home technology integrators. So the home automation craze
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