Surge protection

The Data Plugtrab PT series of surge suppressors handles more than 10,000A of surge current to protect sensitive electronics from direct or nearby lightning events. These surge protection devices come in a pluggable design, which ensures that testing, maintenance, and replacement can be done without interrupting critical control systems or rewiring. The base element includes an integrated grounding foot that creates an electrical connection for the surge to dissipate to ground.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 300

Industrial power fuse

The CUBEFuse finger-safe industrial power fuse uses a recessed blade style terminal. Its rectangular construction optimizes mounting space, resulting in a small footprint that frees up panel space for other components. The fuse holders are designed to snap onto a 35-mm DIN rail or mount directly onto the back plane of a panel. The fuse also offers permanent open-fuse indication through a front panel viewpoint.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 301

Time-delay fuses

The Tri-onic Class RK5 TR and TRS fuses feature the SmartSpot open-fuse indicator. These time-delay fuses handle transformer and motor in-rush currents to minimize nuisance openings and maximize uptime, while SmartSpot helps to reduce downtime. The fuse's current-limiting capabilities prevent damage to critical system components under short-circuit conditions, further reducing downtime and eliminating repairs.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 302

Circuit breaker

The Masterpact low arc-flash circuit breakers are designed and tuned to provide electrical contractors with balanced protection for both overcurrent and arc flash. They incorporate a blow-open design that clears faults quickly and provides better arc-flash protection at the lower current levels often associated with arc flash incidents. The circuit breaker also has a filtered arc chute that contains an assembly of metallic grids and meshes that reduce the gases released during an interruption.
Square D/Schneider Electric
Circle 303

Molded case circuit breakers

The Record Plus line of current-limiting molded case circuit breakers meet both UL and IEC main standards. The circuit breakers offer high interruption capacity of 150kA at 480V across all frames. They're designed for use in distribution switchboards, panelboards, control panels, and other industrial electrical distribution products.
GE Industrial Systems
Circle 304