Visual fault finder

The VFF5 assists users with finding breaks, faulty splices, crimps, and poor components or connections in fiber cabling. This hand-held, battery-powered fault finder is equipped with a red light that can travel through 3 mi of jacketed or bare fiber optic cabling. The 670 nm laser diode allows for operation in continuous or modulated mode. It features a rugged, metal housing and is fitted with a standard adapter. A carrying case, lens cap, two AA batteries, lanyard, and instruction sheet are also included.
Ideal Industries
Circle 303

Connector inspector

The CI-1000 Connector Inspector provides 400X magnification for the inspection of connectors in the adapter. The inspector is available in three versions: LCD, USB and handset, and each version includes an integrated battery pack and a 3.5-in. LCD monitor for field inspection.
Lightel Technologies
Circle 301

Fault finder

Using time domain reflectometry, the TDR900 fault-finding instrument measures power, telephony, CATV and LAN cable lengths, and the distance to an open or short. It contains an internal library of 39 standard cable types and a range of six automatic output impedance controls from 25 ohms to 150 ohms. The measuring range spans from 15 ft to 10,000 ft with a minimum resolution of 20 in.
Circle 304

Optical multitester

The model 500 optical testing platform features test and measurement options like an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), connector inspection, chromatic and polarized mode dispersion, optical spectral analysis, and Gigabit Ethernet system testing. The Windows-based multitester is available in three sizes, depending on the number of field-installable models used. It's also equipped with a light source and power meter for complete end-to-end loss testing.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 302

Test kit

The MicroScanner Pro VDV kit contains information and tools for the verification of voice, data communications, and video cable installations. The kit includes a MicroScanner Pro cable verification tester, MicroProbe toner probe, remote wiremap adapter, office/room ID set, and adapters for testing coaxial cabling and two-conductor wire. Also included is the “Business in a Box” CD-ROM, which features information on the basics of residential VDV applications and cable types, cabling preparation, termination, installation standards and practices, and proper testing methods.
Fluke Networks
Circle 300