Insulation tester

The Megger 61-791 is an insulation resistance tester that includes 3-digit backlit digital display and analog arc, insulation test voltages, and hands-free continuity testing. It performs insulation resistance testing of motor windings, appliances, generators, transformers, and power tools. The tester is CAT III 300V rated, and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.
Ideal Industries
Circle 200

DMM kit

The CT3116 fused probe DMM kit contains two fused probe bodies, two flexible silicone jacketed leads, and two fully insulated alligator clips. The kit complies with safety specifications IEC61010-031 600V CAT III P2. The 4mm contact tip fused probes use internal ceramic fuses rated at 10A (600V/50kA). The fully insulated alligator clips simplify testing of both small and large connections. They also feature IP2X connection covers, which maintain the overall safety specifications when plugged into the fused probes.
Cal Test Electronics
Circle 201

Cable assemblies

These rugged cable assemblies are custom manufactured using RF connectors and coax/triax cables to meet specific design requirements, including reel stands and other forms of packaging. Featuring potted and encapsulated connectors, strain-relief boots, and other special related materials, these assemblies can be built to withstand extreme conditions. The UL and CSA approved assemblies are designed for remote military, scientific, and commercial installations.
Aved Electronics
Circle 202

Servo control

The MicroFlex servo control is a single axis brushless drive and is software selectable for different feedback devices, such as incremental encoder, synchronous serial interface (SSI) encoder, or hall sensors. The units are available in 3A, 6A, and 9A continuous with 200% peak current and will operate from either single sources or 3-phase 115VAC to 230VAC input.
Baldor Electric
Circle 203

Enclosure cooling systems

Vortex Coolers keep electrical cabinets and control panels cool, clean, and protected. The coolers have no moving parts and incorporate vortex tube technology that uses filtered compressed air to produce a chilled airstream that is distributed throughout the enclosure. Refrigerated air produced by the vortex tube enters the cabinet while hot air is expelled through a relief valve. The UL-Listed cooling systems are thermostatically controlled and are available in NEMA 12, 4, and 4X rated models.
ITW Vortec
Circle 204

Hammer drill

The SBE660 hammer drill features a 5.8A motor and a 2-speed gear train that enables the operator to choose the specific drilling speed for the material. The drill has a die-cast aluminum gearbox that dissipates heat for longer tool life and is equipped with a 360° side handle to optimize user comfort. It also uses a winding protection grid that deflects airborne debris away from the armature windings.
Circle 253

LED spotlamps

The MR-16 LED Spotlamps provide bright, focused light and use less energy than halogen bulbs, allowing more than 10 LED lamps to be powered from one standard halogen energy supply. They're available in a variety of colors, such as white, red, blue, green, and amber. They also feature flame retardant polymers, inrush current moderation, temperature control, fuse adaptive links, and fully potted power supply circuitry, for optimal safety. The lamps are designed with a durable, weather-tight housing that's suited for outdoor use.
Mule Lighting
Circle 254

Cable management system

The FieldMate CR series cable runway is lightweight and flexible for easy configuration and installation. The stringers are constructed of 16-gauge high-tensile, tubular steel. Cross members are made from 12-gauge steel and feature rolled edges for cable protection. Standard widths range from 6 in. to 24 in., and standard lengths are 4 ft 5.5 in. and 9 ft 8.5 in. The runway is painted with rust-resistant flat black or industry standard gray paint, while other colors are available on request.
Circle 255

Cable ties

The Unirap line of cable ties are designed for both field and production line applications and are easy to install. Compact heads and pre-bent tips facilitate space-efficient cable bundling. All ties are fabricated of one-piece nylon with no metal parts. They offer high tensile strengths and are chemically resistive to solvents, alkalis, oils, grease, and diluted acids.
FCI Bundy
Circle 256

Dimming ballast

The Mark 10 Powerline dimming ballast is designed for the operation of one or two 18W triple or quad tube compact fluorescent lamps. The ballast delivers full-range continuous dimming capability, allowing users to adjust lighting levels to fit their needs and enhance the visual comfort. It can operate with a wide variety of controls, including wall box dimmers, architectural dimmers, and occupancy sensors. Other features of the ballast include operation above 40 kHz to minimize risk of interference problems, and a special lamp end-of-life system that safely removes power from the lamp at its end of life, helping to prevent overheating.
Advance Transformer
Circle 257

Cable connectors

The 595-DC2 and 595-DCI2 connectors are rated at 90°C and are made from rugged, zinc die-cast material. They're available in 0.375 in. trade size and are suitable for use with 12/2 to 10/3 PVC jacket MC cable with 0.610 in. max armor and 0.720 in. max jacket. A neoprene grommet and spring steel-locking ring secures and protects the cable inside the connector body. Zinc construction and a plastic knockout gasket ensure a positive seal at 0.5 in. knockout of box or enclosure.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 258

Crimping hand tools

The JUCS-2210 crimping hand tool is designed for insulated terminals and splices, and the WC-2210 hand tool is designed for closed-end splices. The JUCS-2210 die set has three crimping nests to terminate pre-insulated terminals and butt splices to provide a wire barrel and insulation support crimp. The WC-2210 die set has three crimping nests to terminate closed-end splices. The terminal locator ensures a complete crimp and comes with two locators.
Circle 250

Cable labels

These TIA/EIA-606-A compliant, self-laminating, laser-printable cable labels are designed to identify all sizes of wire and cables. Made with a flexible polyester film for easy wrapping on wires and cables, the labels are compatible with most desktop laser printers. They're also temperature performance-rated from 294°F to 275°F for indoor and outdoor use.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 251

Cable clamps

These adhesive-backed, ladder-style cable clamps are molded in a natural color Nylon 6/6 with a UL94-V2 rating. Each part is adjustable for various size cables and can be adjusted or opened to remove or add wires. The clamps also have one screw hole for additional security if needed.
Micro Plastics
Circle 252