Cordless drills

The X2 line of 12V, 14.4V, and 18V 0.5 in.-cordless drills come equipped with a two-speed transmission. The drill’s torque levels range from 365 in.-lb for the 12V model, to 485 in.-lb for the 18V model. Features include two high-capacity batteries, a Rapid Max twin charger, a 24-position clutch, a single-sleeve locking chuck with carbide jaws to hold bits, an automatic spindle lock, and a carrying case.


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Fire alarm control panel

In addition to offering the features of the rest of this company’s 600 series of control panels, the IdentiFlex 602 analog addressable fire alarm control panel uses SmartLink peer-to-peer protocol to connect as many as 250 network nodes. Although not as powerful as previous units in the line, it uses analog sensors, addressable input and control interface devices, and remote status and control capabilities. The panel also aims to reduce setup time with the SmartStart feature, which identifies and configures all system modules, circuits, and devices to default alarm code.


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Circuit breaker analyzer

The CBA-1000 circuit breaker analyzer is designed for testing branch circuit for compliance with 240.1 of the 2002 NEC. The unit plugs into any 120V receptacle, allowing electricians and technicians to conduct a controlled short circuit and analyze circuit protection device responses. The handheld instrument displays test results on a 2-line, backlit LCD and stores the collected data for reporting. In addition to testing for maximum safe breaker response time and actual breaker response time, the unit will display line voltage and percent voltage drop.

KO Instruments

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Power distribution system

The Snake Bus power distribution system delivers 50A, 3-phase, 208V and provides as much as 15kW of power in one track. The system eliminates the need for traditional methods of hard wiring equipment to deliver power through data centers and workstations. Its low-profile design mounts under the floor and only requires 2 in. of space. It comes in 4-ft and 8-ft snap-together lengths.

Snake Tray

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