A New Orleans couple is suing electricians, alleging their negligence caused a ladder to fall on the husband while he was at a work site.

According to a report from the Louisiana Record, Jose Osman Rivera and Marilo Rivera filed a lawsuit Feb. 7 against Bitco General Insurance Corp., Bonded Lightning Protection Systems Ltd., and Northside Electric, Inc.

According to the complaint, on Feb. 8, 2016, Jose Osman Rivera was at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, working on the hotel's ninth-floor elevated roof deck. Northside Electric had a crew working on site that was using a 21-ft ladder, the suit says.

The lawsuit states the defendants failed to secure the ladder and it fell over, striking Rivera on the back of his head and neck. This resulted in neck, shoulder and back injuries that required hospitalization. The suit says Marilo and her children have suffered loss of consortium.

The defendants are accused of negligently failing to properly secure the ladder, failing to properly train and supervise employees, failing to protect the plaintiff, and overall negligence.