An Idaho family is suing three energy companies over claims of negligence resulting in their son's death, reported the SE Texas Record.

According to the complaint, on Sept. 15, 2013, Dennis Wade Charters, a 24-year-old electrical lineman, was sent to work on a transmission line tower, Entergy Structure 197, owned and operated by the defendants. A helicopter was lowering Dennis Wade Charters onto the tower when he came into contact with an energized wire, causing significant injuries that eventually led to his death, the complaint states.

Charters' parents filed the complaint Sept. 3 in District Court against Entergy Texas, Inc., Entergy Services, Inc., and Entergy Arkansas, Inc., alleging negligence. The complaint states the defendants, who had approved work on these electrical lines, were negligent in their failure to provide a safe place to work, among other negligent acts or omissions.