An electrician has filed suit in Philadelphia against a roofing company for negligence for recklessly operating a company vehicle. According to the Pennsylvania Record, the electrician says the careless driving of a roofing company’s employee caused him to fall from a utility pole and sustain serious injuries.

The electrician claims he was working on electrical wires at the top of a utility pole and that the roofing company employee backed out of the driveway directly across the street and struck the pole hard enough that it fell to the ground, taking the electrician with it.

The impact caused severe injuries to the plaintiff, according to the claim, including a concussion resulting in cognitive dysfunction, post-traumatic headaches and vertigo, disc herniation, back and knee sprains -- all of which have caused the plaintiff to experience enduring pain and suffering, according to the suit. The plaintiff also claims his earning power has been diminished from the injury, while at the same time medical expenses for his rehabilitation have become costly.