A Delaware man has cited Amtrak with unsafe working conditions after he sustained a work-related injury in 2012. The man filed a lawsuit last month in a Pennsylvania court against National Railroad Passenger Corp., doing business as Amtrak, alleging negligence and breach of duty in violation of the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

According to a report from the Penn Record, the lawsuit states he was injured in February 2012 when a box knife that the defendant gave him to strip wire and cable slipped, causing him to slice his upper right leg. The civil action says Amtrak failed to provide him with a safe place to work by not giving him the proper tools and equipment, not inspecting equipment for defects, not enforcing safe work methods and procedures, and not warning him of potentially hazardous conditions.

He seeks damages of more than $75,000, plus attorney fees, court costs and other relief deemed appropriate by the court.