An electrician working on the 30th floor of a building near the site of a deadly collapse in New York was recording with his phone when a massive crane tipped forward. The crane crashed down Friday along Worth Street in TriBeCa, killing one person and injuring three others.

According to a story from Pix11 News, the collapse was caught on video by an electrician, Glenn Zito, who was filming the lowering of the crane from a high floor in a nearby building when it lost control and crashed into the ground.

The collapse happened at the height of the snowy morning commute in lower Manhattan, Pix11 News reporeted. The 565-foot-long, 330-ton crane also damaged four buildings, including the New York Law School building, as it came crashing down.

Mayor de Blasio said at a Friday morning press conference that the crane's operator was trying to bring the boom down to a safe position when the apparatus toppled over.  Police and other city agencies are investigating; it's not yet clear what caused the collapse.